Angie Govender

“We are so excited to report that your kind and Godly efforts to help Angie proved to be so successful. We are so grateful to Right to Sight.

The treatment and care that Angie received amidst Covid 19, was simply awesome. She was treated with absolute excellence, care and compassion.

We are so blessed. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.”

Joyce Malefetsa

Joyce, whose Mom was blind due to cataracts in both eyes, contacted Right to Sight in the hope that she could find help for her Mom – Selina Malefetsa. Selina’s condition had become debilitating and she had lost her will to live.

A month later Dr Liezel van der Merwe at Pretoria Eye Institute performed Selina’s first surgery. According to Joyce, the change in Selina is incredible. She has a spring in her step, is happily contributing to household tasks and is even making plans for the future.

“I would like to thank Right to Sight for giving my Mom a second chance. May God bless you and pour more resources into your basket so you can continue to help other people.”

Mampepu Mmarobane

Mampepu Mmarobane developed cataracts in both eyes at the age of 53. After two frustrating years on a waiting list, his brother (Koketso) contacted Right to Sight early in February 2020. One month later, Mampepu travelled from Limpopo to Pretoria for surgery on his right eye. In June 2020, he made the long journey again for the cataract to be removed from his left eye.

The impact of having his sight back has transformed Mampepu’s life. In Koketso’s words:

“My brother is so happy and just smiles the biggest smile all the time. His mind is still recovering from the unbelievable miracle – we never believed it would happen. Thank you so much Dr van der Merwe and Right to Sight for just caring for other people.”

Carmen Robertson

At the age of 45, cataracts started to rob Carmen of her vision. She had no vision in her right eye and only blurred vision in the left. She became more and more frustrated as her independence slipped away and she was unable to perform daily activities.

A Second Sight surgery was performed on Carmen early in February 2018.   In March we received a letter from her and this is what she wrote:

“Words cannot describe my deepest gratitude for everything that you have done to have my eyes fixed! A simple thank-you does not seem enough. But from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!

I’m living a totally different life now. My self-confidence has improved so much.

Being able to do things on my own and not having people help or guide me is very liberating. To be able to see so clearly, even the smallest thing, is amazing.

Thank you again for your help and excellent care shown to me during and after my treatment.”

Moetsooa Moeti

Pensioner Moetsooa Moeti had been pushed from pillar to post trying to access cataract surgery and had completely lost all hope of ever being able to see again. Within a week of contacting Right to Sight she was referred to an ophthalmologist who performed the procedure free of charge.

When her daughter called Right to Sight a couple of days after the surgery, her words could barely be understood because of her tears. Once she settled down, she explained how debilitating her Mom’s condition had been and how it had broken her heart to see someone she loves so much grow sadder and more despondent every day. Not in her wildest dreams had she thought this surgery possible. She had also not expected her Mom to be treated with the kindness and care shown by the ophthalmologist and staff that handled her case.

Her immense gratitude is a powerful reminder of the huge impact that these surgeries have on the lives of patients and their families.

Dee Pollock

“There are no words to truly express my thanks. Being able to see again has made a huge difference in my life. The staff and doctor at Pretoria Eye Institute were professional and caring and did everything to make me comfortable – for which I am truly grateful. A special thanks to the Right to Sight team for their kind and gentle approach to helping me – I remain in your debt.

This experience has reminded me that there are good people in the world. I will endeavour to help someone else in the same way that you helped me.”

Ms Phika Mkhize

“On behalf of Ms Phika Mkhize, we would like to thank your organisation, OSSA Right to Sight, most sincerely for the gift you have given her, the sight in her left eye. It really is hugely appreciated.

Your organisation, with all the ophthalmologists & support teams are doing a most amazing task in restoring sight to so many people. Keep up the Good Work.

May you all be blessed for all the good work you are doing.”

John & Pam Trollope

Adelinah Perekisi

Adelinah lived with deteriorating eye sight due to untreated cataracts for ten years.

As her sight grew worse, she became more and more dependent on others.

“Before the surgery I couldn’t even see the food I was eating. When I was cleaning the house I used to leave dirty spots behind because of my sight. I had to ask someone to read to me even though I was using double lenses. I couldn’t do anything for myself!”

Adelinah’s Second Sight surgery took place in November 2016 and by Christmas her vision had improved dramatically.

“After the surgery I can do everything without anyone’s help. I can see far and read. I am very happy and grateful to Dr Chris Gouws and the Right to Sight Trust for the gift they have given me.”

William Fonnie

Before finally receiving a Second Sight surgery in March 2018, William had tried three times to have his cataracts removed. Many of the pleasures in his life had been taken away and he had become increasingly dependent on his family.

After Williams surgery and follow up consultation, we received the following note from his sister:

“Thank you for helping my brother. Being able to see again has better made a huge difference in his life. He can now do the sewing that he loves and we don’t have to worry about him crossing the road. It’s been such a blessing and I can’t thank you enough.”

Rivashani Hemraj

“A very big heartfelt thanks to Right to Sight – no words could express our gratitude for helping my dad to have his cataract removed. He is able to see so much clearer now and says it feels like a new eye altogether.

“He is very touched by the excellent treatment he received from Dr Parbhoo and his staff and the staff at Life Crompton Hospital. He had to go in without my mum due to the COVID rules in the hospital so he was very scared but they took such great care of him.

“Thank you for all your communications and follow ups and for making this possible. My dad and our family our beyond grateful.”

Refiloe Mataboge

“This is a small note to express our sincerest gratitude to Dr Liezel, Dr Lubbe and all the Pretoria Eye Institute staff that we came in contact with who were always so kind and generous to me and my father.”

“What Dr Liezel has done for my father is something that we as a family will never forget. We are eternally grateful to her. Thank you too to Dr Lubbe for taking the time to talk to my father before the surgery – you really managed to put him at ease.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen my father this happy, ever!! He has been smiling and laughing and singing since after the day 1 check up with Dr Liezel.”

Mabusa Mokoena

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