For Ophthalmologists

OSSA Right to Sight Trust encourages ophthalmologists to support the Second Sight Project by including some pro-bono cataract procedures on their private cataract surgery lists throughout the year and by supporting Eye Care Awareness Week in October.

The Trust’s ability to provide access to consumables relies on the support of sponsoring medical device companies and financial donors. To ensure that we can respond effectively in both environments, the Trust uses the following two models:

  • Reimbursement model (when donor funding is available)
    Under this model, Right to Sight reimburses ophthalmologists up to R5,250 for Intraocular lenses and other consumables that they use in Second Sight procedures.
  • Sponsorship model (when legislation is favourable)
    This model enables ophthalmologists to access Intraocular lenses and other consumables that are sponsored by medical device companies.

Both models work through the Ophthalmology Management Group (OMG) cataract registry. Intraocular lenses and consumables that qualify for reimbursement or are being sponsored by a medical device company can be found on the OMG cataract registry. This can be accessed via

For information on the procedures that apply to these models, please contact Cindy Buské at